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Innovative and distinctive solutions in urban planning, landscape architecture and urban design

With a thorough understanding of urban planning challenges and a flexible and rigorous professional approach, our professionals enhance the social, financial and environmental factors of projects to benefit their clients.

Our team employs a complete and multidisciplinary approach to meet the priorities and objectives of our clients. The synergy of our team, along with the trust developed with our clients and external experts, make it possible to dedicate all of our efforts towards projects adapted to their environments.

Our team’s expertise and experience to support clients throughout each phase of their project:

Analyses and Studies

  • Assessment of real estate development potential (highest and best use analyses)
  • Regulatory analysis and due diligence process
  • Expertise in urban planning litigation
  • Planning strategies for municipalities

Design and Planning

  • Negotiation and preparation of development agreements
  • TOD and mixed-use neighbourhood planning
  • Site plan design

Consultation and Approval Process

  • Preparation, mitigation and management of consultation processes and public presentations
  • Representation for the client to municipal and governmental authorities
  • Negotiations and approvals from municipalities and governments (zoning, subdivision, PIIA, building permit, etc.)

Our landscape architecture professionals provide comprehensive, concrete and structured approaches that include the following services:


  • Functional and technical programming
  • Inventories and analyses
  • Landscape planning and studies

Design and Planning

  • Master planning
  • Landscape plans for parks and green spaces
  • Playground design
  • Rain garden and retention basin design
  • Common and public space design
  • Design of the public domain
  • Coordination of multidisciplinary teams

Our work

  • Plans and technical specifications
  • Detailed cost estimates and development schedules
  • Tender documents
  • Site supervision and monitoring
  • Development and implementation of maintenance programs
  • As-built plans

In order to assist our clients in the project design stages, the following services are offered by our urban design professionals:


  • Morphological analysis of environments
  • Visual impact assessment of development projects
  • Sunlight impact analysis of public spaces

Design and Planning

  • Preparation and negotiation of development agreements
  • Ideation process, including the integration of experts and partners involved in the project or decision-making process
  • Exploration and evaluation of development scenarios
  • Development of mixed-use or specific-use programs
  • Design of urban areas at multiple scales (eg. square, street or neighbourhood) that include:
    – Vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle networks
    – Massing proposals for the built environment
    – Highlighting elements of interest
    – Design and development criteria
    – Infrastructure integration strategies
    – Projects structured around public and active transportation (TOD)
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly project features (LEED certification)
  • Preparation of 3D renderings and presentation documents (eg. site plans, illustrations, perspectives and simulations)
  • Coordination and collaboration of multidisciplinary design teams