La Croisée Urbaine



City of Terrebonne, Morguard Investments Ltd and Réseau Sélection

The neighbourhood will combine a diversity and intensity of activities.

La Croisée Urbaine


‘La Croisée Urbaine’ is a development project for a mixed-use and dense TOD neighbourhood within a 1-km radius of the new ‘Gare de l’Est’ train station in Terrebonne, at the corner of Autoroute 640 and 40. The project is designed to be in proximity to transportation and a civic pole, which consists of a primary school, a large double gymnasium, a community centre and a library. The neighbourhood will combine a diversity and intensity of activities. This high-quality living environment will also offer residential, commercial and other uses adapted to residents of all ages.

A priority for pedestrians and cyclists will be built into the urban fabric. The intersection circulation paths will form the main meeting point of the neighbourhood and will create a permeable urban fabric to facilitate active transportation. The priority being given to active transportation is evident in the treatment of intersections and in the quality of public spaces.
The concept for the neighbourhood development is inspired by the woodlands and wetlands present on the project site. In addition to the green belt surrounding the neighbourhood, a green network will be integrated into the project. Furthermore, surface water management measures will be integrated into the project, which will benefit from the site’s natural features.

The careful treatment of urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and signage will help create an inviting and stimulating environment. ‘La Croisée Urbaine’ is an innovative project with an integrated vision that blends the city, transport and nature.

Services offered

  • Analysis of the environment
  • Creation of an urban design and landscape architecture development guide in collaboration with public and private actors
  • Preparation of an overall plan and development statistics
  • Co-design of ecological developments
  • Detailed design of Yves-Blais Avenue
  • Preparation of plans and specifications for execution and construction
  • Estimates and assistance during call for tenders
  • Site monitoring during construction


EXP, Civil Engineering of the public domain
ACDF Architecture, private domain
Marchand Houle et associés, Civil Engineering of the private domain
Metrica, Surveyors

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